About Us


Fares City was created to offer incredible discounts and offers to our travel loving customers. You can take the journey of a lifetime by connecting with us and giving us the chance to become one of your favorite travel companions!


We aim to provide:

  • lucrative discounts.
  • Experienced professionals at your service.
  • Discounted trips and carefully selected packages.
  • Maximum confidentiality and no stress for our travelers.
  • Comfortable and safe travel.
    If you need any assistance please contact our team as we are here for you 24 hours a day. Book at your leisure to take the hassle out of the trip we all fear as the only thing that tires us should be planning the trip. journey and not the journey itself.

Why should you choose us?

  • They have a highly professional team who will support you whenever you need help.
  • Plus, there are no hidden costs for you.
  • And you get perfectly curated budget offers to create the trip of a lifetime.

Top Airlines to book flight tickets with us:

What are the top destinations you can tour while booking a trip with Fares City?

What will our customers get by partnering with us?

Get a smooth and safe journey that gives you some peace of mind when planning and budgeting. Plus, you’ll receive offers tailored to your preferences and needs, because we know everyone’s travel needs are different.

What is our vision at Fares City?

Fares City is a transparent and professional travel partner based on the budget, date and time of our customers so that our customers leave with a smile on their face. To find out more about booking and reservations, visit our website and start packing!

Customer Focused

24x7 customer support over call and mail. We serve over services pre and post booking. We are family

Flyer Friendly

Book over call and no need to carry hardcopy of ticket or any kind of physical document.

Best Price

We provide best in class price with confirm seat And also its not about only price its about quality.